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 The author  Steffy

NOUVEAU livre de STEFFY aux éditions le Lys Bleu, vendu en direct sur leur site 

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This preamble was written for the collection of poems and paintings published in 2014

"Paintings in Poés'île" published by Net editions

It was born from the union between my paintings and poems. It has now been almost 6 years since painting reconnected with me. She came back to show me the way to go in order to continue my way in serenity.

These pictorial creations revealed themselves as I understood the changes that were taking place in my being. I am talking here about the fusion between my body and my mind.

I had to reach this state of awakening sufficient to understand my past and continue to move forward in the Here and Now.

Each canvas emerged from an elsewhere, to draw up a universe for me and make me aware of the changes that were taking place, were preparing, and were about to happen in my body and my existence.


The soul spoke, and my understanding came sometimes more than a year after the paintings were created, to give birth to its poem.

The paintings told what was going on in my subconscious, which I had not yet realized during these bursts of creation. My intuition allowed me to realize them at the opportune moments. The imagination spoke, sometimes after having danced, sung… or else in pain. At the same time, I was writing a book on “Being quite simply”.


The paintings still existed in solo, it was only two years later that the poems arrived in my hand. Like any change, they did not happen by chance. Those you find in this collection were written in the space of six months. A continuous writing frenzy has arrived, uncontrollable. I suddenly found that my paintings were alone. They needed a traveling companion. This breath of immediate inspiration, this superior channeled force gave rise to this series of poems. The story began the day I was told that I had just lost a foetus. Suddenly the urge to write came. This pivotal passage marked, I did not know it yet, the loss of a soul and at the same time poetry came to me in gratitude.

It was then that all my paintings found their poem duo one by one as simply as I tell you. At the same time, other poems were born in addition, according to my desires of the moment. Any time and any place.

All of these art forms together are one and that is art therapy.  Dear all, you are therefore invited into a universe where being is in the spotlight, where the subconscious frees the soul, but not only. You receive this sharing which tells you an example of a small journey where nature is linked, and our nature of love. Let yourself listen to what it can reveal to you in mirror image. You will know how to find the painting(s) and poems that will resonate with you. It's up to you to follow the path of healing your soul. This world tells you about life and its beauty. An infinite thank you to Life.

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