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Tailor-made art in companies, at therapists, agencies, hotels, restaurants... 

Custom paintings for your interior!

Current finding:

I started from the observation that the health crisis has upset our benchmarks in all things.

One of those impacted is that the office of tomorrow will no longer be that of yesterday!

Relaxation and fun spaces in companies will gradually become essential to restore balance.

The "cocoon" office will be a place where we will find pleasure in working there and where we will take more and more care of the places of sharing, exchanges and all the spaces in which the employees or customers who come see their therapist, doctor, etc. 

But also hotels, restaurants, all places that welcome the public  

Model your living or working space to feel good:

The personal expression of our interior extends to our place of life, our house but becomes necessary for the workplace. The environment has a huge impact on our state of mind. The beautiful, clear, functional, welcoming has a direct impact on our desire to work or promotes exchange, the spirit of conviviality, enthusiasm, concentration...

Remodeling it involves a new layout and the decoration and energy conveyed through these supports. My paintings have an essential role, impacting and changing the atmosphere.

Let's not forget, these tables are also showcases and images that communicate with customers. We can make you travel, dream... everything is possible!

What I offer you and our collaboration:

We are going to discuss your expectations and what I can bring you through my paintings as atmosphere and energy according to the rooms of your premises.

Spaces where you will feel at home, at work will be accompanied by atmospheres with textures, colors and shapes that will resonate with your space.

The objective being clear for each place, I will be able to work through my paintings with the appropriate colors, the energetic intentions that will emerge from these canvases.

First date:

  • Listen to your request

  • Discuss your needs according to the parts

  • Discuss to better understand the environment and rebalance the energies with a table

  • Define the number of tables and the dimensions

Second exchange:

I will submit the colors that will be used and the spirit of the painting with the dimensions.

An estimate will be established.

Then it's total confidence!

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