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Tailor-made soul painting

I create and design your custom-made painting :

(Some paintings and sculpture below)

You choose your canvas format and let's decide together the day I connect to your soul .

At this time, I channel what you need to reconnect to your source, I choose:

  • Colors

  • The direction of the canvas (horizontal or vertical)

  • Shapes

This painting sets in motion a process of evolution and activates the resources of inner healings.

It will therefore have therapeutic virtues.

These channeled vibrations will act on the unconscious and it will listen to what the soul says.

The benefits are felt from the production of the fabric:

Outdated thoughts and patterns give way to newness!

The price is on request depending on the size.


"I was convinced by the 'Healing Painting' concept, without having dared to take the plunge.

There it's done ! A very special experience since I lived it live but from a distance.

At the same time troubling, bewitching and reassuring, without knowing what was going on, I felt a deep joy and total confidence in the artist. This painting is me! It boosts me and since I have it, I feel a deep joy that I can't explain, I encourage you to try the experience with your eyes closed. The effects are immediate. It's not just a canvas, but a whole healing process that comes before, during and after."


  • Qu'est-ce que la peinture énergétique sur-mesure
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