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Creation of a tailor-made healing song

I create for you a healing song that is channeled through the heart.

I don't invent it, I receive it.

This song is captured from the unseen realms in relation to the source of being and who you are.

It comes to me in a very intuitive way and its frequencies touch the part of you that needs to be released.

You have three options:

  • You want to order me a song in relation to a specific blocking

  • You ask me for a song with confidence that will free your soul from a weight, a brake...

  • You want a song with a specific theme, for example for your serenity, your love, your joy...

How I proceed:

We have an exchange on the phone or in video and you present your request, problem or objective to me. You can also give me carte blanche.

Then, I create the song for you without your presence. It is therefore saved and sent to you.

The price is: 30 euros

Examples below of songs made and first explanatory video of the pipes on youtube.

  • YouTube
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