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"L'art est une vibration d'Amour qui vous reconnecte à votre source" Steffy

Welcome to my Universe of creation where Art and beauty mingle...!
My worlds and their energies coexist in a single and unique universe: that of Love!
Everything is vibration and energies.

I come from the world of art and communication.
I started with a literary and visual arts baccalaureate. I then worked in institutions and communication/advertising. Then, the world of corporate film and image communication opened up, alternating with the sales force.

Public relations then immersed me in the world of theater with an environmental connotation. It was then that I reconnected with art by creating my company Artmonie with sensory workshops (5 senses) for children in many places (Abbaye de Royaumont etc...) and for people elderly (in retirement homes). This was followed by the training I gave to caregivers in the five senses in relational life. Everything was creation, listening and discovery!

My path was clearly intended to open the field towards Art therapy.
I am an art therapist and always give group and individual sessions. Understanding human mechanisms through art is an inexhaustible source.
These faculties have allowed me to always better understand man and what surrounds him, in particular with energies.

This journey could not stop on such a good path, so I learned different techniques in energy therapies to heal and better understand the energies! I created them
"Golden Flower of Life" treatments and have trained in these techniques so that therapists can appropriate them in their practices.

Art and energy thus mingled, interconnected and gives you what I am now:

I am inspired by the energy of the moment, an immediate energetic creative breath and a higher channeled force.

Everyone is found in shapes, textures, vibrations, in colors.
My materials resonate with the intentions of the messages to be passed on to reconnect to the Source, to being!
I also navigate with tailor-made creation according to the needs of a person and their energies to heal.
I also create tailor-made paintings to generate positive energy, stimulation, concentration, depending on the setting and the workspace in companies, agencies... Whatever the place that will host the creation, the energy conveyed through the array will do its job. The goal is that the framework is conducive to what it is intended for.

I let you discover my space where everything is possible!

Thank you for your visit,


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